Our Involvement

Helping to serve those in need locally and globally

Our involvement to share the gift of better hearing extends far beyond our office walls as we continually reach out to those in need of hearing care in the community, across the country and around the globe. Our community efforts as well as on-going participation with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, ensures that part of our business impact helps to support the hearing needs of many others. We feel that hearing is an important gift for all that allows us to connect to each other along with the sounds we cherish. Below is more information on the efforts we help impact locally and globally.

Starkey Hearing Foundation NYC Hearing Mission

Professional Hearing Aid Center sponsored a hearing mission, in New York, with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to provide free hearing aids to hearing impaired individuals. “When we work with people who have a hearing loss and see their reaction when they hear sounds they haven’t heard in years, you just know you’ve changed their life for the better. To us, knowing that we can make a difference is why we give back to help those in need.” – Mark Salvesen

Starkey Hearing Foundation in Hackensack, NJ

Mark had the opportunity to work with actress Marlee Matlin, who also sponsors the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Marlee sponsored the Starkey Hearing Foundation while competing on Donald Trump's The Apprentice.

As a partner with NuEar we are proud supporters of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Over the last decade, this organization has provided over 100,000 hearing aids to those in need around the world and continue to rapidly grow that number every month. The Starkey Hearing Foundation also actively supports the need for hearing care domestically through their hearing aid missions and their HearNow program. To learn more visit their website.